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About HUM

(Actually we don’t believe in “mai” we believe in “hum”)

The evolution of  moochsingh  is started  by two  brainsick guys about a year ago  who never took there life in earnest. crooked  with the same state of mind ,foodie with core heart, traveller by foot, disputed by tongue and passionate by mind, they both took the white mans burden  to  make  there own brand among the youngsters and  and  share there voguish ideas to the  cosmos.

Despite Both of them there is a whole gang who  helped among the short journey of being established.Some of them are mind bugs with various fields,writers,photographers,web dewelopers,artists and some who just do nothing (ghaybatna) thats all we say.

Before moochsingh we used to spend most of the time  browsing designs,bloging,twitting stupid things,posting each others discussing pictures and commenting till the one get messed up  and blocking all of the rest.finally we decided to make our website just to pay our monthly bills after all we are growing up and cant ask pocket money from the parents.

Then we set out a war and searched the best resources for our t- shirt brand.travelled long as we loved it.last we set out and mixed all the things together and found the best fabric,best tailoring and best direct to garment printing.we have learned a lot from this new technologies,market stratagies,compatitions and many more.

Thanks for the interest and reading our story,if you would like to get in touch with us making gupshup over the tea stalls,cracking golgappas,internship or  simply hang  out with us.just drop an

e-mail rest we will take care of your concern.

Welcome to the moochsingh gang.

Arun Nair

Co-founder and Director

Ex banker with almost 4 years of experience quit his job for nothing,even he don’t know why he quit.

Naturalist ,keen wildlife ecology expert. logically  controversialist.Mainly handles accounts and administrative part.

Ajay singh Malhan

Co-founder and director

Cool minded,Creative,Artistic,former builder /constructor,biker.Learning the art of patience. Fulfilling all social media content.